Long Data established its headquarters in Hong Kong in the 2000s with our business primarily focusing on hardware support. Recognizing the potential of the IT industry, we began expanding aggressively since the 2007 through strategic acquisitions as well as organic growth.

Over the past 14 years, Long Data has developed a tremendous amount of industry expertise, in everything from office automation equipment to integrated technology solutions, from product distribution to IT innovation.

Today, Long Data hold one of the largest shares of IT market in the Hong Kong, and will continue grow in the breadth and depth of our technical expertise, our range of solutions, speed of deployment and flexibility of our options.

Our mission has always been to leverage advanced technology to create and deliver business value to our client”s organizations. We stay close to the fast-evolving marketplace to help our customers adapt and transform for growth where appropriate. Increased agility is an enterprise”s key to staying competitive, and it is the success of our customers against which we measure our own.

With skilled professionals, our operations in the four regions compose of three business units, with a full array of Technical Support Services, Technical Solutions Management and Implementation & Solution Services by professional support. This is our ultimate goal to keep on offering the best IT solutions to diverse user needs, delivering professional and technical services and support that are designed to meet the needs of business and commercial customers from a wide array of industry sectors.